1. I've had three cups of caffeinated mint tea within the past four hours
  2. I'm waiting for a boy to text me
  3. I'm waiting for an important email
  4. I'm looking up Cojo on Wikipedia because I got scared he disappeared or died
  5. I'm really excited for breakfast tomorrow
    I'm having multigrain cheerio's
  6. One Direction's new album is just shuffling itself through my head
    Currently on "Olivia", now "Walking in the Wind", back to "Olivia", now "Love You Goodbye"
  7. I want more people to like the selfie I posted today
    Do YOU wanna like it?!: https://instagram.com/p/-KCQ6qrcxo/
  8. I'm still waiting on that text and email
  9. My shoulders are kinda sore
    So is my knee