Inspired by @samala
  1. I've seen so many good concerts since then
  2. I have great friends now
  3. Sex is fun
  4. I can make phone calls without having a panic attack before
  5. I'm graduating a year early
  6. I'm going to law school
  7. I have a really cool tattoo
  8. I've gotten a few unreal internships
  9. I'm doing what I love
  10. I don't hate looking in the mirror as much
  11. I'm really close to all my family now
  12. Staying up all night and watching the sun rise is one of the best feelings in the world
  13. My acne cleared up
  14. I feel like I truly belong in more than one place
  15. I've become passionate about politics and social welfare
  16. I've realized the importance of random acts of kindness
  17. I met one of my heroes