Most of these are things my mom (sometimes my dad, but he's always working) did with me
  1. Play board games and watch Disney movies
  2. Sit at the kitchen table and paint and eat lunch
  3. Go for walks
  4. Dance around the kitchen and spin them around to the radio while making dinner
  5. Cuddle with them in their beds at night before they fall asleep
  6. Give them my copies of all my favorite books
  7. Go school supply shopping
  8. Let them cry in my arms if they had a hard day at school or someone breaks their heart
  9. Bake cookies and make a mess
  10. Laugh
  11. Take vacations and take pictures on the beach
  12. Stay up late and look at the stars on summer nights
  13. Go out to lunch just because
  14. Tell them the story of the animals who lived in the red barn
    A story my mom made up when I was little
  15. Encourage them everyday until the day I die