1. About A Boy
    Great film, Hugh Grant 👌
  2. Peanut butter addiction
    Because I think I have it
  3. Mary Badham
    Played Scout in "To Kill a Mockingbird", currently watching it and wanted to know what she was up to
  4. Everything on Netflix
    Weighing my options for my solo movie night
  5. CNN primary coverage
  6. Brunch in Columbus
    Taking myself to an Easter breakfast tomorrow but still trying to figure out which place
  7. Girl Scout cookies
    I need to feed my thin mint addiction, which isn't nearly as bad as my peanut butter addiction
  8. Kissables
    Okay, does anyone else remember these?! Like Hershey kisses covered in hard colorful coatings?!
  9. Masters 2016
  10. How much does Grey Goose cost?
    I almost dropped my roommate's big ass bottle of it and needed to know the financial burden the mistake would've cost me