Inspired by @sarahgorman, but I know IM MISSING SOME ON THE LIST BUT IDK WHAT
  1. Wild Berry Poptarts
    I think the first pop tart flavor I ever had and still my fave
  2. Orange creamsicle Yoplait
    One time in like the first grade, I ate one and then threw up in the cafeteria garbage can.
  3. Noodles with breadcrumbs
    My mom always made these and idk why she stopped
  4. Peanut butter and jelly and saltines
    The best snack ever. We would bring out the jar or peanut butter, the jar of jelly, and go to town
  5. White popcorn
    I used to HATE this because it wasn't buttered but now I could eat a whole big fresh-popped bowl
  6. Strawberry kiwi Snapple
    When my mom was pregnant with my youngest brother, before every doctors appointment she had, she would buy my other brother and I a bottle to share
  7. Slightly burnt grilled cheese
    My mom always overdoes it on the outside of the bread and I'm still not a huge fan, but it's bread and cheese so I'll eat it
  8. White American cheese
    My dad would always buy this, and we would always eat it within like two days
  9. Zebra Cakes
    I mean, CMON
  10. Griessnockerl-Suppe
    Like an Austrian bread dumpling soup. Still my brother's and my favorite that our Oma makes to this day