1. When the refugee team walked during the opening ceremony
  2. Watching Michael Phelps carry the American flag
    HUGEEEEE fan of him and his career and his face and his body 😍
  3. Watching the men's 4x100 freestyle team win gold
    This wasn't even a light cry. This was a full-on bawl
  4. When I first thought about how quickly 2012 to 2016 seemed to go by
    Like my whole world has changed. But I remember the exact feeling of that summer and watching those Olympics
  5. Steele Johnson and David Boudia hugging after they realized they won a medal
    Steele Johnson has my heart
  6. During the feature of Simone Biles growing up
  8. I didn't cry when Katie Ledecky completely obliterated everyone in the 800m freestyle final, but I think it was just because I was so taken back by what she just did
  9. Michael Phelps ACTUAL last race
    I'd like to think he's coming back in 2020, but I think this is it. It's been a pleasure watching him grow up