1. I’ve been in line to get on the on-ramp for 40 minutes. No, you CANNOT cut me.
  2. Only in LA do people honk at you for not letting them cut.
  3. That lane looks faster, I should merge.
  4. Well, that was a mistake.
  5. Maybe I should merge back.
  6. Do not touch your phone.
  7. What’s more important, not wasting an extra 30 min for a bathroom stop or my bladder?
    Not wasting an extra 30 min.
  8. Why is the car in front of me letting everyone in?!
  9. Honking sounds and sirens should be banned from the radio
  10. If everyone cruised without braking or pressing on the gas pedal, we would save so much gas.
  11. Why are there so many human beings?!
  12. Maybe I should have taken Sepulveda.
  13. Sepulveda. Sepulveeeeda. Sepulveduh. Sepulveda.
  14. Do NOT touch your phone.
  15. Lady you’ve been staring at me for too long. I’m not singing that loudly.
  16. 25 mph. Yasss.