Inspired by @wendywalt
  1. 😍😛
    bc crush liked my tweet in the middle of the night
  2. 🙂
    bc I was late to school and got a shitty parking space
  3. 🙂
    just my Chem mood in general
  4. 🙃
    bc my apush teacher made us write a super hard essay
  5. 😫
    bc I missed a lecture in pre cal and now I have no idea wtf is going on
  6. 😅
    bc we got graded class work in math!
  7. 😰
    when the class work was too long and I couldn't finish
  8. 😜😝
    when my math teacher said she'll create a bell curve and everyone within one standard deviation of the average gets an A
  9. 😴😴😴
    me driving home from school
  10. 😴
    helping my friend with Chem hw
  11. 😳
    eating a quest bar for the first time