Friends Episode Titles From My Own Life

Inspired by @drugs
  1. The One Where All My Friends Are Gay And I Have Nothing To Contribute To Any Conversation
    "I'm not homophobic!"
  2. The One Where I'm Super Lonely But Too Anxious To Text Literally Anybody
    "They're probably busy..."
  3. The One Where I Have Nothing To Do On My Computer But Tumblr Takes Too Long To Load So I Just Stare At The Chrome New Tab Screen
    "What is there to watch on Netflix."
  4. The One Where I Still Feel Left Out When My All My Old Friends Hang Out Without Me
    "wow tfti... wait"
  5. The One Where I Take Up A New Hobby For A Week And Then Quit Immediately
    "Friendship bracelets are my passion."
  6. The One Where I Have So Much Homework But I Take A "30 Minute Nap" That Turns Into A 3 Hour Nap