I've been on this app for a little bit now but I haven't done this and I don't see why not
  1. I'm Angelica and u can call me Angelica
  2. I'm very young compared to some of the people on this app bc I'm still in high school but I'm leaving next year! very exciting!
  3. I don't know where I want to go to college or what I want to study but everyone asks and it makes me want to die
  4. (I'm pretty sure I want to stay in the south though)
  5. And about staying and the south I live in south Florida!
  6. I was actually born in Venezuela though and still have family over there
    it's actually super sad
  7. I like to watch tv and movies and my favorite tv shows are the Mindy project and Saturday night live and my favorite movies have their own list
    Maya Rudolph's Dilma made me die
  8. in a fantasy world where I'm talented, I want to be a comedy writer for tv
  9. I love dogs and my dog is the cutest dog
    this is him
  10. I also love going to concerts and music
    follow me on phhhoto
  11. I don't what else to say so I'm done hope u think I'm lit