My 5 most hated sports teams

i do hate sports teams it's extremely obvious after i did the other list
  1. 1.
    Colombian National Team
    okay like their fans need to chill every time they play my twitter feed explodes they're so hated omg bc they're beyond cocky and they've only been good for like 2 years so please. and also el vinotinto beat them and if the Venezuelan team beats u OMG u fucked up
  2. 2.
    Real Madrid
    Madrid sucks people. like everything about them is second rate to Barça. Ronaldo isn't as good as Messi. #Iwentthere
  3. 3.
    Cleveland Cavaliers
    I don't care about basketball at all but as a Miami person u could not escape the hate. It rubbed off on me FUCK LEBRON (jk he's the goat(this is how people talk down here))
  4. 4.
    University of Florida
    i shouldn't even be saying this but I prefer FSU sorry gators
  5. 5.
    University of Miami
    I prefer even UF more than this SMH expensive ass school for what!!!?!???