tweets that i would have tweeted if i hadn't deleted twitter

  1. i can't do anything without a youtube tutorial
  2. i'm so lucky i can go to school
  3. my grandpa is so rude he comes in and doesn't even say hi to my dog
  4. i'm watching a video where the guy pronounces drama slightly wrong and it makes me very uncomfortable
  5. I was driving 50 mph in a 35 mph zone and there was a dude trying to pass me and if that doesn't scream doral idk what does
  6. i've written the word oppurtunity like 70000 times this week and i can't spell it right
  7. you say "cry for help" like it's a bad thing
  8. i was going to make new years resolutions but then i realized i'm perfect and there's no need for improvement
  9. just saying i redownloaded twitter bc i'm weak. i ended up tweeting one of these and i actually might tweet some of the good ones lol follow me @angelica_rojas