A fun year-in-review:
  1. January: we took our (awkward) engagement pictures, buckled down on wedding planning, and saw Bruce at the Verizon center.
  2. February: this was an emotional month but the best way to sum up the month is my li.st about what happens when bad things happen. I got a lot of support from friends and strangers alike - and guess what? It turned out to be great!
  3. March: I started a new job and all the shit from February seemed like it happened ages ago.
  4. April: i went to see dean and jerry from making a murderer speak in DC (it was a bday gift). I voted in the primaries as a registered independent which means I didn't get to vote for anything except board of education but I still went to vote! My friends and I went to the ~famously obnoxious~ la boum brunch because we had a ton to celebrate.
  5. May: I volunteered at the gaithersburg book festival and was allowed to work the whole day in the chef's tent! I got to meet chef Eric Ripert, who signed a copy of his book and took a picture with me.
  6. June: kick off the month with a weekend at the lake with my friends and Oliver - it involved sabering a lot of bottles of dom. I went to NYC to celebrate a friend's beautiful bridal shower. I ended the month getting two of my wisdom teeth out
  7. July: we spent july 4 wkend in ct- it was days after my wisdom teeth surgery so that was a major bummer. I volunteered at a farm (for a work event) w/ my friends. I had to take out the other 2 wisdom teeth (btw I did all of the wisdom teeth stuff w/ local anesthesia!) in the middle of the month. Ronnie & I went to see sufjan Stevens for his bday
  8. August: the most celebratory month! weekend one was charleston (and the dreamy spectator hotel!) for my friends bachelorette. Weekend two was a day trip to celebrate with a surprise party for a friend's engagement. Weekend three was my bachelorette weekend in Charlottesville. And weekend four was my bridal shower.
  9. September: started the month in Delaware for ldw. I had my (last!) dress fitting. A lot of this month was for the wedding and prepping for it- i did almost nothing other than wedding planning or work.
  10. October: we celebrated the month at a beautiful, dreamy, whimsical wedding. Then two weeks later, ronnie and I (finally!) got married! then we spent our honeymoon in Costa Rica, a country I can't wait to visit again.
  11. November: started the month at our annual girls fall fete, but days later, the election results destroyed me (but gave me energy to fight for causes I believe it). On a fun note: Lots of fun dinners (including friendsgiving), I ate 100 shrimp at red lobster, my dog turned three, and I legally changed my name.
    I have a 4.5min snapchat story of my 3 hour adventure eating 100 shrimp- let me know if you want to watch it.
  12. December: kicked off the month with a great secret Santa friends Christmas! and for real Christmas- we celebrated our first Christmas as a married couple & went to the "oh, hello" broadway show! We also decided to make a surprise, unplanned move to a townhouse (yikes!) next month. Ending the year breaking bread with good friends.