She works at randomhouse so I trust her. You should, too. Also she refers to grrm as "George" - legitimately first name basis shit right there. Tell me now that you don't trust her. Damn.
  1. passage series
  2. Brain on fire ✅
  3. Red rising ❌
    I tried this but couldn't get into it.
  4. The actual Oitnb memoir
  5. we were liars ✅
  6. Becoming Nicole ✅
  7. The same sky
  8. Luckiest girl Alive
  9. Leah remini's Scientology book (I forget the title but we all know what it is) ✅
  10. The longest night
  11. When breath becomes air
  12. I take you by Eliza kennedy ❌
    I literally could not get over how much I hated the main character. I had to stop reading.
  13. The solitude of prime numbers
  14. Eligible: a modern retelling of Pride and prejudice ✅
  15. The husbands secret by liane moriarty
  16. Before the fall by Noah hawley
  17. Sleeping giants by Sylvain neuvel
    Recommended bc I liked the movie arrival
  18. Black eyed Susans by Julia heaberlin
    Recommended if I end up liking dark places by Gillian Flynn
  19. The girl before by jp delaney ✅
    Got this early - perks of having a publicist friend 🎉 // I read this in one sitting (okay, I took a break to eat!). It was fantastic.
  20. My not so perfect life by Sophie kinsella