I will let you determine if any of these activities constitute as "hobbies."
  1. Watch tv
    Have no fear- I am working on several lists of television shows (Netflix only, old shows that I watched, new shows I currently keep up with, shows I follow that I don't even like, shows I sometimes watch but not regularly, and shows I will sit and go through if - and only if - there's a marathon)
  2. Sleep or nap
  3. Sometimes get attacked by my dog Oliver bc he is in a cranky or crazy hyper mood or something - who knows!
  4. Read - except this ties in nicely to "sleep or nap"
  5. Facebook
    When I'm very bored, I end up watching videos people share. And that turns into a spiral through YouTube videos.
  6. Wikipedia something I am very curious about - then fall into a Wikipedia hole until I've decided I'm a master of that subject
    My last search was fellow AU alum Jordan Belfort (wolf of Wall Street) - and that took me into stock and tax fraud and all of this crazy nonsense which I am now an expert on.
  7. Think about what hobbies I should pick up
    Does anyone have anything fun that I would immediately excel at????
  8. Look for food
    I do not keep a lot of snacks in my home so I am constantly looking for snacks that do not exist.