This is in no order because how can I rank delicious candy?
  1. The new air heads bites
    The colors are fun too - they use pink for banana, green for grape - wow, they are fun.
  2. Chewy sprees
  3. The gummy colas
  4. The always reliable sour patch kids
  5. Sour gummy worms
  6. Chocolate covered gummy bears
    This is actually my favorite if I had to choose. Unfortunately, this is not a "stop at Walgreens" type of candy. It is usually in fancy chocolate places.
  7. Original Werthers
  8. Life savers butter rum hard candy
  9. The soft mint candy that comes in the plastic bucket at every Walgreens/cvs/Duane reade/rite aid
  10. Chupa chups lollipops
    I have not seen these in a long time. Do they exist?
  11. Kit kats
    One time in high school, a friend went to Costco and got me a box of kit kats.
  12. Candy cane Hershey kisses
    The best winter holiday candy!!!!!
  13. Candy corn (with honey)
    I would eat this during off season- but I would be wary of anyone who offered it to me in May because I know it was probably from last October.
  14. Sour chewy sprees
  15. raisinettes/chocolate covered raisins
    this is my go to when I am not in a sharing mood bc apparently everyone else hates these??? why tho!!!
  16. any gummy candy that is sour grapefruit