Want to grab lunch with me? I'm indecisive. Here is a list of places (be mindful that almost all suggestions by @stillconor are fake so if you're wondering about any of them, ask me first!). plz choose one. (also if you live and/or work in this neighborhood, please feel free to add your own suggestions)
  1. Cava
  2. Sweetgreen
  3. Taylor gourmet
  4. Chipotle
    Nice day: walk to sweetgreen chipotle // bad day to walk and/or in a hurry: go downstairs
  5. Shophouse
  6. Food trucks
  7. Chopt
    Lol just kidding -- I wouldn't go here
  8. California tortilla
  9. Lime
    Tho I would rather go to chipotle
  10. Proof for their lunch special
    Reserved for days when I'm feeling fancy and/or have time for a sit down lunch
  11. Jetties
  12. Rosa Mexicano
    Similar to proof- sit down lunch
  13. Momiji
    I prefer sitting there to get my three rolls, but will carry out if necessary
  14. Corner bakery
  15. Panera bread
    If we are talking fast causal sandwich places, I prefer panera over the rest of them
  16. Potbellys
  17. Vapiano
    I have truthfully never been here for lunch- only after work dinner. And even then, only once.
  18. Nandos
  19. Wise guys
  20. Fuel pizza
  21. Penn commons
    For sit down lunch
  22. Daikaya
  23. Dangerously delicious pies
  24. Protein bar
    FYI I hate this place!!!
  25. Dunkin donuts
  26. Starbucks
  27. Red apron
    I have only gotten bfast sandwiches here so idk how it is as a lunch spot
  28. Baked joint
    I have only had coffee and tea here but they do sandwiches that are available all day~~~
  29. Mings
    Sit down lunch but it is very fast!!!!
  30. China town express
    I only get soup noodles here so I would only get this if it's soup weather
  31. Luke's lobsters LOL JK IM NOT MADE OF MONEY
  32. Poste
    If someone else is paying
    Suggested by @_kbtoys
  33. Philips
  34. Stevens
    Suggested by @stillconor
  35. Wilmer's
    Suggested by @stillconor
  36. Beef N Bread
    Suggested by @parktm
  37. Luthers lighthouse bar and grille
    Suggested by @stillconor
  38. McDonald's
    Is over one billion served fake????
    Suggested by @stillconor
  39. Ralph's Rad Vegan Dojo
    Suggested by @stillconor
  40. Mikes Mad Meat Mansion
    Suggested by @stillconor
  41. Johnnys jivin juice joint
    Suggested by @stillconor
  42. Frank's frozen fun land
    Suggested by @stillconor