As I wrote this, I realized you could play white noise and I'd probably satisfied.
  1. Neon - John Mayer
    Idk why this was the first song I thought of. So weird since this song wouldn't even top my top 50 favorite songs ever.
  2. Hello - adele
    Might play this 50x in a row
  3. Rolling in the deep - Adele
  4. Mariah Carey
  5. 1989 album by Taylor swift
  6. 1989 album by Ryan adams
  7. Spice girls
  8. My everything album by Ariana grande
  9. Bruce Springsteen
  10. Hotline bling by drake
  11. Before he cheats by Carrie underwood
  12. What do u mean by Justin bieber
  13. Sorry by Justin bieber
  14. Whatever 90s/early 2000s playlist you pull from Spotify
  15. Britney Spears
    My go to is the song bombastic love which wasn't even a single.
  16. John Wayne gacy jr by Sufjan Stevens song from his Illinois album
    I thought this was a beautiful love song for years