s/o to @magbyrd who tweeted about Peyton & nationwide killing the holiday commercial game - which prompted me to tweet back the words to the 2015 & thxgiving 2015 ads - but why stop there? How can I neglect the original 2014 ad? Or the new holiday ads?! Then i thought: I could just list this! 🙌🏼 //// nationwide did NOT pay me for this list!
  1. 2014: Fifty Omaha set hut
  2. 2014: Losing feeling in my toes
  3. 2014: Nothing beats that new car smell
  4. 2014: Chicken parm, you taste so good
    A god damn classic!
  5. 2014: nationwide is on your side
    Peyton sits to watch tv and an actual nationwide commercial plays with the nationwide jingle
  6. 2015: that's a first rate queso dip
  7. 2015: haven't been this lost in years
  8. 2015: recalculating shortest route
    Says Peyton's Gps system
  9. 2015: do I really look like this?
  10. 2015: never seen this one before
  11. 2015: chicken parm, you taste so good
    Says the lady on the cooking show Peyton is watching, and Peyton says (not sings in the jingle tune): "I like it."
  12. 2015 thanksgiving: turkey leg, you taste so good
  13. 2015 thanksgiving: seconds were a bad idea
  14. 2015 thanksgiving: think I'm gonna... 💤💤
    Technically counts, as he starts off with the nationwide jingle tune but dozes off for his nap
  15. 2015 holidays: gonna blow their minds this year
    He ends this ad with "ho ho ho" (not sung in nationwide jingle) which is reminiscent of the "I like it" that ends the 2015 non-holiday ad.