1. the person on the train who takes your ticket and goes click click click click click with the hole puncher
  2. A janitor at a college who solves v difficult math problems
  3. The non-barista at a non-Starbucks fancy coffee shop who writes your name on the cup in sharpie
  4. The person who tells you to put socks on and sizes your foot at a shoe store with the weird foot sizing thing
  5. The person who eats all the food after a food shoot
  6. Leftover communion wine drinker
  7. New balance employee who puts funky colors together for sneakers that don't match but will sell like hot cakes
  8. Nude beach dress code enforcer
  9. Nuts 4 nuts vendor
  10. Person at bank (who isn't trusted with money or customers) who fills up candy jar
  11. Us weekly headline writer
  12. Lauren conrad's assistant/BFF/colleague/most trusted comrade
  13. Taylor swift's friend // #squad
  14. High end baby store retail.... Wait a second. I did this already. Plz ignore.
  15. Quote finder who finds quotes that pop up everywhere on fb, ig, and Pinterest. I hope to make money off prints sold via etsy.
  16. person at Spotify who makes playlists