Halloween costumes I remember
  1. Some time in my childhood: Hershey kiss
  2. 2007: walk of shame
    Come on. Give me a break. I was a freshman in college, OKAY?!
  3. 2011: cat
    The only thing was that someone stole my tail and i forgot to put whiskers on my face when I did the make up.
  4. 2012: darth Vader
    One of my favorite costumes ever. I bought a boys size L darth Vader costume (which comes as a onesie that my legs were too long for). I cut the legs off and wore a mini skirt and heels with a cut up "shirt." I even bought a friggin' light saber and it was awesome
  5. 2013: an elf
    I wore a green dress from h&m and then just tied Christmas cards all over my body. Somewhat of a success.
  6. 2014: sonic the hedgehog
    Bad costume. A purchase I made on November 1 at the nearest Halloween shop before I went to a friend's party. I even tried to make my hair a blue color and it was a mess.
  7. 2015: slice of pizza
    I wanted to be a pizza or that NYC pizza rat so I sort of did my own version of studio diy's pizza slice costume. pretty fun to make for someone who hasn't really crafted anything since 2010. great great great. 🍕🍕🍕
  8. 2016: NOTHING bc I'm an adult now