1. Order pizza
    Black Friday deal made my order 50% off!
  2. Watch the movie DOPE
    Which was dope!!!
  3. Go grocery shopping
    And was told to "please stop looking at the screen and questioning everything because it's rude and uncomfortable to the person who is scanning the products." My bad.
  4. Start and finish the Jenna miscavige hill memoir about escaping Scientology
    !!! scary stuff!!!
  5. Make a Christmas list
    With only four things because I am an adult and get uncomfortable at the idea of a Christmas list. One of the four was "Amazon gift card to buy kindle books, not to buy stuff."
  6. Make a *~fiesta chicken*~ thing in the slow cooker
    With hopes I will pack my lunch for tomorrow and save some money.
  7. Buy birthday card vineyard "strawberry shortcake" wine because the bottle was enticing
    It's really bad. I had one glass and almost cried because I spent $16 and can't fathom finishing this 750ml bottle of trash I bought.
  8. Make an awesome dinner for myself Saturday night
    sautéed kale and Brussels sprouts with wild rice and quinoa. Fresh dinner rolls with butter and raw radishes.
  9. Text everyone I know about how much I don't want to go to work tomorrow
    You can all say you LoVe!!! your jobs but honestly I fucking love just chillin' and living my life (and sometimes, especially after 4 day weekends, "just chillin' and living my life" doesn't include going to work)