Date: October 17, 2015 // Origin: Fairfield metro station // destination: grand central NYC
  1. These women next to me are annoying!!! 😡 Note to self: get on another car when the train comes. Two more minutes until the train comes. Hurray!
  2. "They make it impossible to decorate the dorm room. It's like cinder block. You can't even nail into it." - duh, are you an idiot? How did you get into college?
  3. Wowza- I am so pumped to see Durden and Em and eat ramen, and then probably eat more until dinner! 🍜
  4. I have never heard of bottomless dinner but I'm excited for it. I hope I don't get sick because that would suck.
  5. I really hope that my phone doesn't die today. Am I a genius for bringing my charger with me? Have I turned into one of those people who ask, "hi, can we sit next to an outlet so I can charge my phone? Hehe!"? I'm sorry in advance.
  6. I'm reading the tipping point and honestly I want to just buy a Nicholas Sparks book instead.
  7. What a nice fall day. I wish I wore boots, though. A scarf also would've been a good idea.
  8. Man, I just got my nails don't and they look like crap already! I guess I will pretend that I have money to spend on luxury services like manicures. 😇
  9. Oh hell yes. The train is here but it looks crowded
  10. Damn - wouldn't it be awesome if the DC metro had outlets at every seat? Wow I bet my phone will be at 100% by the time I get into the city.
  11. Fuck me. The gaggle of idiot women are now sitting next to me. I wish I had my headphones. I am a moron for not bringing them for the train ride.
  12. I guess I will sleep now.
  13. the conductor man almost skipped me. I'm glad he didn't because one of my fears is getting kicked off a train/plane/bus/boat because they didn't know I was actually supposed to be there.
  14. I need a pair of brown boots. Who should I ask to help me find a pair of affordable brown boots?
  15. I hope the tasting I'm going to on Wednesday is the only tasting I have to go to. I hope the food is good. I don't want to talk to more caterers.
  16. "The movie Moulin rouge is about a night club in France." - lol I guess you're not wrong but... That's a little inaccurate.
  17. trees look nice here - very fall. I love fall.
  18. I hope that 52 weeks from now, I will be lucky enough to get this weather.
  19. Oh shit. I almost yelled in all caps to the wrong recipient. Phew.