I have four boys who all wrestle for their schools. I went from shutting my eyes at first to yelling helpful advice. At least that's how I see it.
  1. "Ok! Let's go!"
    Because I need him to know it's ok to start wrestling. And I clap.
  2. "Wrestle!"
    Because I think he's intimidated by his opponent.
  3. "Don't tie up! Get out of that!"
    Because his coach just yelled that. If I yell it louder, he'll hear me because I'm his mother. I think I read that somewhere.
  4. "Stand up!"
    Because he's on his belly with his opponent crushing him.
  5. "Be careful!"
    Because he's about to throw his opponent in a particularly vicious mat return. (Lift him up and throw him down on the mat.)
  6. "You look strong!"
    Because that's code for "the other kid is gassed (exhausted.)" I NEVER cheer against the other kid.
  7. "Move to the other side of the mat if you don't want to hear me!"
    Yelled to my 13yo who begs me to stop yelling while his older brothers are wrestling.
  8. "Fight it! Fight it!"
    Because he's about to get pinned.
  9. "Finish it! Finish it!"
    Because he's about to pin his kid.
  10. "Oh thank God."
    More of a mumbled prayer because it's over.