When I get to school: things that need to be done

  1. Organize everything
    Hopefully it will stay that way for a month
  2. ~sOciAliZe~
    With the kids in my building, the AA, and my nasty room mates
  3. Info meeting for Study Abroad
    Cuba, Spain, Chile
  4. RUSA
    Student government club
  5. The Daily Targum
    Of course
  6. Women in Communication
  7. Wait in earnest for RU-TV
  8. Pitch ideas weekly to The Tab
    v. important for experience
  9. Make sure hair/makeup is on fleek
  10. Meditate
    For clarity
  11. Gym 3-5x a week
    To work off the vodka
  12. Take care of you
    Because no one else is