My favorite video series to geek out on
  1. Ancient Greeks: golden age of civilization
    A 3 part series narrated by Liam Neeson on Ancient Greece. Everything you ever wanted to know about the subject set to a majestic score and great visuals.
  2. Time Team (BBC version)
    A team of British archaeologists have 3 days at each site to find stuff and tell you all about it. The archeologists are all lovable quirky characters that you can tell love what they are doing. Feel like an expert on everything from the Stone Age to the Normans. This show was on for 20 seasons and some of the guys meet the queen.
  3. Every Picture Tells A Story
    Quick 20 some odd minute docs on the secret world and meanings in specific paintings. Presenter has a bit of flair and makes the universe of the painting and the time it was made really come alive. Somehow is able to make a woman plucking the feathers of a bird very scandalous. A good starter is the Arnolfini Marriage.
  4. Terry Jones's Medieval Lives
    British presenter visits historical sites, uses Monty Python type animation to bring to life what it was like to be a Monk, minstrel, philosopher, damsel and the king in medieval times.