Here is my list on why I'm happy to be a mom at 26 (in order)
  1. I have energy
    Honestly, I believe If I became a first time mom at 30 or older, I would be so low on energy my poor daughter would be bored. Everyday.
  2. I healed faster
    C-section. After 1 week I was already up and doing stuff
  3. I still love sex
    Goes hand in hand with the first item
  4. I'm still in tune with what's going on
    Because I have energy, I still have time to do things like make lists haha!
  5. The grandparents are young
    My parents and my husband's parents are still in their mid to late 50's. They will get to see their grandchildren grow up
  6. Be done at 30 with having kids
    ... And still have energy