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Yes, I could Google this info but I'd rather have "real person" opinions.
  1. Where to fly into (cheapest, easiest) to go to the Keys, where to stay, what company to use to go spearfishing.
    We want to spend Christmas there.
  2. Favorite (and fun!) manual transmission cars under $30 K.
    Is there even such a thing???
  3. Best small, private, division III colleges
    With women's soccer
Right now, I work 100% in the hospital, but have worked outpatient clinic as well.
  1. Patient: So, when are you going to become a doctor?
    My standard answer now: When I decide I no longer want to be married. Then I say MDs have a high rate of divorce (but doesn't everyone?). People generally laugh. I am proud of the "nurse" in nurse practitioner.
  2. Family or patient: When is the real doctor coming?
    There's a huge physician shortage in my area. I see the lesser sick people, the MDs see the sicker people. I usually have already discussed the case with the MD and doubt he/she is going to alter the plan that much. There's a standard of care for treatment. But, don't worry, the real doctor will see you tonight.
  3. Patient: I prefer nurse practitioners anyway. They usually know more than doctors.
    Not usually the case. MDs have more intensive training for a longer period of time. I am grateful to have worked with awesome docs who believe we are a team.
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My mother died in 2011 of uterine cancer. I helped my Dad clean out some of her things...she was a pack rat! These are some of the most memorable items found.
  1. The receipt to her senior yearbook (1969)
    Just said "paid"... no dollar amount
  2. Every letter she and my father wrote to each other when he was in boot camp (1970)
    She was 19 at this time. Some of her letters are laugh out loud funny. You forget your parents were once kids, too.
  3. A Korean outfit my great-uncle bought her during the Korean War
    Unfortunately, it was beyond salvaging.
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  1. Mad Men
    The Series Finale
  2. Newhart
    Series finale
  3. The Andy Griffith Show
    Any scene with the Darlings but especially when Barney declares Ernest T. Bass "a nut"
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  1. Hills
    My town in IL has one big hill. It's man-made.
  2. Really, really hot summers and hot summer nights
    Sometimes I question if it is really hot enough to get in the pool here.
  3. Southern accents
    I am asked daily where I am originally from. Which can get annoying. Especially since I have to specific which Nashville... IL, IN or TN. Suprisingly, no one ever commented on my accent when I live in the South :)
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  1. Sweet Home Alabama
  2. You've Got Mail
  3. Never Been Kissed
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