Great scenes from great (or once great) shows

  1. Mad Men
    The Series Finale
  2. Newhart
    Series finale
  3. The Andy Griffith Show
    Any scene with the Darlings but especially when Barney declares Ernest T. Bass "a nut"
  4. Two and a Half Men
    Alan's "blind date" with Rose... I think this is the funniest episode of the series
  5. M*A*S*H
    If Radar saying good-bye to Henry Blake doesn't get you, the final scene of this episode will.
  6. All in the Family
    "Sammy Visits"
  7. The Gilmore Girls
    I love Logan.
  8. The Twilight Zone
    If you have body image issues...
  9. Friends
    Finally... they know that they know that they know.... or something like that
  10. That 70s Show
    I just rewatched the pilot... hilarious. Great car scenes at the end.
  11. E.R.
    The scene where Mark asks his wife if he is being selfish by writing his daughter letters for special days... heartbreaking!
  12. Greys Anatomy
    The bar scene that started it all....