My mother died in 2011 of uterine cancer. I helped my Dad clean out some of her things...she was a pack rat! These are some of the most memorable items found.
  1. The receipt to her senior yearbook (1969)
    Just said "paid"... no dollar amount
  2. Every letter she and my father wrote to each other when he was in boot camp (1970)
    She was 19 at this time. Some of her letters are laugh out loud funny. You forget your parents were once kids, too.
  3. A Korean outfit my great-uncle bought her during the Korean War
    Unfortunately, it was beyond salvaging.
  4. Two 12 packs of 35 year old condoms
    Ew. My dad thought this was hilarious.
  5. Four $100 bills my grandfather gave her to spend on vacation (1997) plus the note he wrote her to have fun
    I spent $100 each on something special for my 2 daughters and husband. I will spend the last on something for me but not sure what or when.
  6. Five sets of her wedding china
    She went to garage sales and had collected one set for each granddaughter
  7. Lots of costume jewelry
    I made this out of it.
  8. This pamphlet from our then church
    Now has a membership in the thousands
  9. About 100 napkins from my wedding (2000)
    I plan on using them at my next dinner party ;)