1. Hills
    My town in IL has one big hill. It's man-made.
  2. Really, really hot summers and hot summer nights
    Sometimes I question if it is really hot enough to get in the pool here.
  3. Southern accents
    I am asked daily where I am originally from. Which can get annoying. Especially since I have to specific which Nashville... IL, IN or TN. Suprisingly, no one ever commented on my accent when I live in the South :)
  4. SEC football live
    Thank goodness for the SEC network, because really, does anyone care about football outside of the SEC? ;)
  5. Missing (some) family events
    Others, I don't mind missing
  6. Southern food including restaurants like Shoney's.
    I really miss good fried catfish. I would even settle for Captain D's catfish over the catfish here.