Hello Li.sters
  1. I'm Angie
  2. I think I'm 36...
    I'm having to subtract in my head to make sure. I always forget my age. Yeah, I'm 36.
  3. I've been a teacher for 14 years in elementary.
  4. I have two kids.
    Carter is 9 and he is very shy and reserved. My daughter is 7 and she is insane!!!! She does stuff like this....
  5. They have a love/hate relationship.
  6. I also have a husband.
    He drives me insane! Everyday I don't strangle him is a miracle ❤️
  7. I LOVE MAKEUP! Give me all the makeup!
  8. I'm a liberal. I believe all people, no matter how different, deserve rights. I love Bernie Sanders.
  9. The above is a problem because I live in TEXAS.
    I'm originally from Arkansas and I got brave and moved 6 hours away from my family to teach in the big city. Sometimes I regret this decision and sometimes I think it was the best decision I ever made.
  10. I've broken my jaw 😮
    I was 9 and riding my bike to school with a very long purse on the handlebar!?! The purse slid down into the spokes and I flew. I had a concussion and a broken jaw.
  11. When I'm nervous or speaking to a stranger I just blurt out everything I shouldn't tell someone I first meet. I don't like small talk.
  12. I was voted class clown in high school.
  13. If rules don't make sense, I don't like to follow them. I need to know why.
    I guess I have an issue with authority?
  14. I'm embarrassed to say I love reality shows.
    But I also love documentaries and indie films. Does that help?
  15. I gave 'free hugs' to strangers at a wedding in which I knew no one! It was such a rush!
    Most were receptive, only one or two people looked at me like I was a child molestor.