You learn specific things when you eat lunch with others on a daily basis—-for example, how annoying humans can be.
  1. People asking about what you are eating....DAILY
    It's isn't an exotic delicacy, it's a chicken freakin salad, where are your eyeballs??????
  2. Scraping the very bottom of the container
    Yogurt especially! Please scrape the bottom of that yogurt cup! Wouldn't want to waste a drop! Have you not eaten in a month?
  3. When people interrupt
    You are having a convo and someone not in the convo and across the table intrudes as if you were talking to them.
  4. Bragging
    Bragging about your kids, husband, or recent weight loss can be hideously off putting.
  5. Talking on the phone
    I do not need to hear you tell your mom about your hemorrhoid while I eat. Leave if you have to talk on your phone.
  6. Repetitive conversations
    Some people cannot let shit go and it resurfaces continuously while you are trying to have a chill lunch.