Things I wish people knew about me...

I may be obnoxious and forward but there are some things you may not know about me.
  1. I'm equally introvert and extrovert.
    I sometimes like to hide from the world but you wouldn't know that because I appear to be an extrovert. Nay
  2. Very quiet people make me uncomfortable.
    What are quiet people even thinking in there? My mind assumes it isn't good!
  3. I have misophonia!
    Certain sounds cause me anxiety! Wrapper crinkling, people eating, and forks scraping the plate are enough to put me in the fetal position.
  4. I keep some opinions to myself.
    Only a few, I try but it's hard. People don't enjoy a ton of opinions I've noticed.
  5. I ignore very important things in my life.
    Hard things that require paperwork, organizing and adulting. Insert head in sand, oh so deeply.
  6. Details annoy me, I'm a bigger picture person.
    No, I dont know what I'm going to wear, or eat or where I want to go. I'll figure it out on the way.
  7. I am so early for everything!
    I actually waste soooo much time being early! I spend hours of my life sitting early in my car because I'm too embarrassed to go in because I'm THAT early!