Revenge fantasies. Inspired by @bjnovak 's list of non-sexual fantasies. ADD YOUR OWN.
  1. In hell, that one chick who annoys everyone with her "quirky" awkwardness and terrible conversation skills will have to perpetually try to walk past someone coming towards her in the hallway, only to play the dance of going the same direction as that other person... for eternity.
    "oh sorry!" "Oh uh, oops" "hahahahaha" "well this is awkward" "sorry again!"
  2. In hell, Marilyn P. will get invited to meet with really important people, confirming that she is indeed as important and influential as she believes, only to be stood up... for eternity.
  3. In hell, that rude customer that always has a stank face on who ruins a pleasant person's day, will be forced to look into a mirror and see the unhappiness they're spreading... for eternity.