1. Criss-crossing your bra straps actually does help with hiding your straps for certain dresses/tops
  2. Coconut water blended with ice makes for a delicious, refreshing buko shake
    Courtesy of Dad
  3. There's no point in regretting or beating yourself up over decisions you've already made. But do learn from them, thank yourself for the lesson, and move on
  4. If you're unhappy in a situation, change it. Don't stay if you feel in your heart that it's wrong for you
  5. You are generally not entitled to anything in this world. At the same time, you deserve the best for yourself, especially in relationships.
  6. Keep wearing your sunscreen! And hat/visor as necessary!
  7. Friends are everything, and you'll know when you've found the ones to keep since you can be yourself around them and be comfortable with who you are! And they share lots of laughs and support you for the ups and downs
  8. Speaking of friends, reach out to them! Ask them to hang out! Chances are they also want to hang out, even if no one's said anything
  9. Learn to cook. A cheese quesadilla will not sustain you through life. And eating out will not be sustainable by your wallet
  10. Be happy and excited if that's what you feel! Even if the rest of the world thinks it's weird, show it and don't be ashamed to be happy and excited!
  11. Take those pictures! You'll be thankful for them later on!
  12. Keep putting the work in. Your work brings results!
  13. College really was more than just about learning in a classroom. You learn so much from friends, and life outside the classroom if you let yourself be open to it! It's really what you make of it
  14. I am so very, very blessed in every aspect of my life.
  15. You are capable of traveling alone. (At least the flying alone part has been successfully tested on 3 occasions now!)
  16. Mom is usually right
  17. How to make sago't gulaman
    GULAMAN: 1 stick red gulaman bar broken into pieces, 1 box unflavored Alsa gulaman, 900 mL water, 1/2 c sugar - mix in saucepan and boil until smooth, strain and transfer to smooth container and chill until solid, then slice into small cubes. SAGO: Boil 8 oz tapioca pearls, mix every 10 mins, drain starchy water, replace with boiling water, repeat 2x, last time add 1 c sugar. SAUCE: Slightly melt 3 c brown sugar then add 1 L water, 1/2 tsp vanilla, stir until smooth, add 6 drops banana flavor
  18. If at all possible, graduate college without debt. It's significantly less stressful!