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Just a little reminder of things that you may want to reconsider saying to someone who is going through some rough times.
  1. "I understand"
    But do you understand? You can listen, you can feel for your friend, but you can't really totally understand what they may be dealing with. Don't assume you know.
  2. "You just need to learn to be happy"
    If only learning to be happy was that instantaneous and could happen on demand. People try so hard to attain happiness but it comes and goes. Don't further blame someone who can't bring themselves to feel happy at the moment, they are probably trying.
  3. "Be grateful for what you have"
    Chances are they are grateful for all they have and they do see the ways in which they are blessed. But being grateful does not cancel out other stresses, anxieties, and distress. The feelings can exist simultaneously.
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In case you are a diagnosed insomniac or you just made the regretful decision of drinking coffee at 10pm
  1. Shower
  2. Make yourself a quesadilla
  3. Eat a PBJ (honestly works at good as NyQuil for me)
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