In case you are a diagnosed insomniac or you just made the regretful decision of drinking coffee at 10pm
  1. Shower
  2. Make yourself a quesadilla
  3. Eat a PBJ (honestly works at good as NyQuil for me)
  4. Think about your outfit for tomorrow. Don't be afraid to get ideas from pinterest or your favorite fashion blogger on Instagram
  5. Read that book you should have started if you hadn't spent the past three hours on Netflix
  6. Download the list app and create your own lists
  7. Sketch something amazing and unleash the artist in you
  8. Recite prayer (Muslim tip)
  9. Go through old photos and look back on great memories
  10. Use the above activity to also delete unnecessary pictures so you can get more storage on your phone. Example-delete remaining pics of ppl you may dislike now years later
  11. Get up and go to the bathroom. Possibly several times