Ah, all right, what the hell. Anything for @eatthelove! Here are ten of my old lists, for your approval or disinterest!
  1. HOW DOES ONE BECOME AN EX-PORNOGRAPHER? How Does One Become an Ex-pornographer?
    This is my most-liked list. It's about how my first job in LA was working for Hustler Magazine. @donnie requested it. I was REALLY scared to post it at the time.
  2. REASONS I'VE HURT PEOPLE Reasons I've Hurt People
    Another one I was terrified to "publish," but the positive feedback I got from the community here was so great. I wrote this after seeing a lot of heavy-duty "shaming" stuff online.
  3. IF YOU ARE IN YOUR 20S AND DISPLAY THESE ATTITUDES/ BEHAVIORS TO ME, IT MAKES MY HEART ACHE If You Are in Your 20s and Display These Attitudes/ Behaviors to Me, It Makes My Heart Ache
    Sometimes I write lists that are just stuff I wish someone had said to me when I was in my 20s.
  4. WHAT I WAS LIKE IN MY 20S What I Was Like in My 20s
    After that last list, @ChrisK requested this. It was fun to compile!
  5. BATTLE LIST: PIZZA VS. SUSHI Battle List: Pizza vs. Sushi
    When I first got invited to join ListApp, I was on a hiatus from work. I had lots of time to craft my lists. That's when I started doing these very thought-out "Battle Lists." Now that I'm back at work, I NEVER have time to do anything this ornate! In fact, @Nicholas recently sent me a request asking for another Battle List, and I feel guilty every time I see it in my request folder. Someday, @Nicholas - someday!
  6. HARDEST I EVER LAUGHED AT WORK Hardest I Ever Laughed at Work
    This seemed to bring people a lot of enjoyment, and that made me feel good.
  7. DVD COMMENTARY TRACKS AS GOOD OR BETTER THAN THE MOVIES THEMSELVES Dvd Commentary Tracks as Good or Better Than the Movies Themselves
    I also like to list just straight-up nerd shit.
  8. THINGS THAT HAPPENED IN A SINGLE DAY OF WORKING AT KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN (IN KENTUCKY) Things That Happened in a Single Day of Working at Kentucky Fried Chicken (in Kentucky)
    There's something very satisfying about the list format as autobiography. The one I did about a sleepover at my friend Jeff's house, and the one about Mike Flynn describing Texas Chainsaw Massacre, also fall in this category.
  9. WAYS DAVID LETTERMAN IS LIKE DON DRAPER Ways David Letterman Is Like Don Draper
    Mad Men and Late Night With David Letterman both had their final episodes in the same week. This list was my tribute.
  10. PLOT POINTS FROM THE TRULY BIZARRE PIPPI LONGSTOCKING MOVIE, "PIPPI ON THE RUN" Plot Points From the Truly Bizarre Pippi Longstocking Movie, "Pippi on the Run"
    The last item on this list may be the proudest of anything I've ever written ever. I love ListApp!