Today, I was introduced to the work of author Octavia Butler. I doubt it was easy for a black woman to break into sci-fi writing in the 1970s. But Octavia did, pioneering a genre known as Afro-Futurism. She wrote this list of affirmations on the back of a notebook; I hope it's as inspiring to you as it is to me. Go become big-time writers like her!
  1. I shall be a bestselling writer.
  2. Each of my books will be on the bestseller lists of Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Washington Post, etc.
  3. My novels will go on the above lists whether publishers push them hard or not, whether I'm paid a high advance or not, whether I ever win another award or not.
  4. This is my life. I write bestselling novels. My novels go onto the bestseller lists on or shortly after publication.
  5. My novels each travel up to the top of the bestseller lists and they reach the top and they stay on top for months (at least two). Each of my novels does this.
  6. So be it! See to it!
    I will find the way to do this. So be it! See to it!
  7. My books will be read by millions of people!
  8. I will buy a beautiful home in an excellent neighborhood.
  9. I will send poor black youngsters to Clarion or other writers' workshops.
  10. I will help poor black youngsters broaden their horizons.
  11. I will help poor black youngsters go to college.
  12. I will get the best of health care for my mother and myself.
  13. I will hire a car whenever I want or need to.
  14. I will travel whenever and wherever in the world that I choose.
  15. My books will be read by millions of people! So be it! See to it!
  16. Here's a photo of Octavia's notebook - now on display in Pasadena's Huntington Library: