My kid and I saw the Disney flick "Zootopia" yesterday. It was like an animated film conceived by Noam Chomsky with a punch-up session by Camille Paglia and Slavoj Zizek. Here are just a few of the movie's themes.
  1. Gender inequality
  2. Racial profiling
  3. Root causes of terrorism
  4. Anti-Muslim sentiment in the U.S.
  5. The media's complicity in acts of terror
  6. "Identity politics" - and the disempowerment that can result from well-meaning but patronizing liberalism
  7. An extended "Breaking Bad" parody that not-so-subtly raises the question of drug profits fueling the War on Terror
  8. The symbiotic relationship between our political leaders and the very terrorists they claim to fight
  9. (P.S. I'm not kidding about any of these)
  10. (P.P.S. The sloths ruled!)