It's embarrassing to realize everyone else is reading the New Yorker while I pore over this stuff. (Alt. list title: "A Study in Antisocial Media.")
  1. Video Watchdog
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    The definitive movie-nerd magazine. All the technical specs for Czechoslovakian Blu-Rays of obscure German spy thrillers and stuff like that. I always read VW first. (I can't believe I've bought every issue of this sweaty, obsessive little magazine for 25 years!)
  2. Shock Cinema
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    Lots of movie reviews, which are OK - but the real selling point here is the interviews with "THAT guy/ lady" character actors. Strangely enough, this magazine also launched exactly 25 years ago. If you can find me another mag with a Richard Masur cover story this month, I'll buy it. (Oh, wait - he could be on the cover of Prevention Magazine.)
  3. Cinema Retro
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    British magazine that's always fun. The King Kong cover story is incredible.
  4. Cineaste
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    Could there be a more pompous magazine title to present to the disaffected 24-year-old Barnes and Noble cashier? I always love their features and think-pieces, and I can't WAIT to read the Joshua Oppenheimer interview. Act of Killing really is a dark masterpiece.
  5. I Love Lucy
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    Bought this for my 8-year-old daughter, who does indeed love Lucy. (I never watched Lucy much, even though she's from my hometown, Jamestown NY. I don't think she was allowed in our house. My grandfather had a stock rant that Lucy was "a slut, a booze-runner during the Prohibition, and she lied about being from Jamestown - she's from Falconer." Just recently, my aunt revealed to me that he made all that shit up out of jealousy.)