1. This amazing essay about Hannah Arendt, and how her thoughts on totalitarianism do and don't apply to the politics of today. By Roger Berkowitz in the Los Angeles Review of Books: https://lareviewofbooks.org/article/arendt-matters-revisiting-origins-totalitarianism/
  2. The entire piece is fascinating, but I was particularly struck by this passage about the drive to "expose hypocrisy" across the political spectrum (Milo Yiannopolous, House of Cards, Daily Show, etc.):
  3. "What the unmaskers too often forget is that every one of us wears a mask that conceals a dark cabinet of hidden vices behind our public personas. A world populated by people unmasked, their secrets exposed, would be one where all immorality is shameless and all claims to respectability are hypocritical..."
  4. "But shame and hypocrisy are essential human drives. The rage against hypocrisy is a rage against civilized life. The danger in totalitarian movements is that the elite’s justified moral disgust at hypocrisy is translated into a carnival of destruction that is just so much fun."
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  6. I enjoyed this:
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