Recently, a close family friend - who is from Mexico - confided that Donald Trump's disparaging comments about Mexican people made her cry. This filled me with rage toward Trump. However, my goal in life is to look at EVERYONE with love and compassion. Is that goal actually attainable, or just a "nice idea?" Can I find reasons to love Trump?
  1. Trump could be a "Destruction Agent."
    A meditation teacher introduced me to the concept of Destruction Agents. He said that throughout history, when negative strains of Consciousness are repressed, Destruction Agents are manifested to let loose all the dark stuff. By doing so, they force the rest of us to stop living in denial and rise to our higher selves. If that theory is true - and Donald Trump is playing a crucial role in human evolution - I can love him for it.
  2. Trump seems afraid.
    The worldview he expresses is so relentlessly fear-based that he must spend a lot of time in terror. I can relate to that. If I can relate to Trump, I can look at him with love.
  3. Trump is like a child.
    "Build a great, big wall." "Kick out all the illegals." Trump appeals to the frightened little child inside voters. He offers solutions of absolute certainty in a world where, of course, there is NO certainty. Little children need to feel like they're totally safe and nothing bad will ever happen to them. Anything less than that is unacceptable. If I can love my five-year-old daughter through a tantrum, I can love Donald Trump.
  4. Trump is not "Donald Trump" 24 hours a day.
    No one can be hostile every minute of the day. It's simply not possible. Everyone has moments of stillness, even if it's only in sleep. Everyone has longing. We all want connection and approval. ESPECIALLY public figures, who live or die by "approval." If I can remember that about Donald Trump, I can look at him with compassion.
  5. Trump could surprise us all and do better.
    Anything is possible. He could hold a press conference tomorrow and announce, "I just realized I've been incredibly racist - sorry." I doubt it will happen. But I leave myself open to the possibility that people will behave better than I expect. I hope they extend that courtesy to me. I love that possibility in anyone.
  6. Having said all that...
    ... I'm super fucking pissed that Trump said awful shit that made my friend cry. And I didn't say anything about LIKING him.