Oh, @Lisa_Fav, I fear I'm not up to the task of this request! I'm not involved in the standup scene like I was 10 years ago, so I don't know all the new/ young funny people you'd be less likely to know. I'll just try to be honest and tell you the last few comedians/ specials I've seen and enjoyed.
  1. Colin Quinn, "The New York Story"
    My wife and I watched this last night on Netflix and loved it. It's an honest-to-God history of NYC and a completely hilarious dissection of ethnic stereotypes. You know a standup special is good when my wife and I are reenacting the routines for each other the next day.
  2. Jen Kirkman, "Just Keep Livin'?"
    Also on Netflix. This is Jen's sharpest, funniest material yet. She's a raw nerve, always exciting to watch.
  3. Ali Wong, "Baby Cobra"
    ALSO also on Netflix (I don't work for them, I swear)! The first time I saw Ali Wong, she was screaming at the top of her lungs about how she never has to suck her husband's dick ever again. I was genuinely startled and thought "Wow - 21st Century Roseanne."
  4. Jeff Ross, "Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live at Brazos County Jail"
    Jeff makes fun of convicts. I mean, he's right up in the face of terrifying white supremacist guys, ripping them to shreds. A lot of performers get described as "brave," but Jeff is the real deal. Not only is this special hilarious, but it's also a fascinating look inside the prison system.
  5. Nick Swardson, "Taste It"
    Nick, by his own admission, is not a sophisticated comic. He talks about getting drunk and diarrhea. I have laughed until I cried watching him. Especially the bit about the female ice skater who gets diarrhea right at the moment that her partner lifts her over his head and spins her around. I am a child, I know.
  6. I hope you find SOMETHING on this list to enjoy. Thanks for the request, @Lisa_Fav!