1. Five years ago, I took a meditation class.
    Meditation classes are a legal requirement to achieve Coastal Elite status.
  2. There was a lot of pseudo-scientific talk about consciousness, and philosophical stuff like, "Any thought whose logical extension is not 'All is Well' is a garbage thought."
    You know - the kind of stuff that makes people hate people who take meditation classes.
  3. But one concept the teacher introduced really stood out to me: Destruction Agents.
  4. The idea, as I understood it, is that consciousness is always evolving and moving toward truth - but, like all growth, that can be painful and disturbing.
  5. So sometimes, consciousness takes a little shortcut here and there. Painful truths may be ignored or swept under the rug "for now." A growing amount of things that should be faced, DON'T get faced - for the sake of comfort.
  6. When this goes on long enough, consciousness reaches a breaking point and manifests a Destruction Agent.
    According to the meditation class teacher - who, it should be noted, was a guy in sweatpants who lived at home with his parents - this has happened numerous times throughout human history.
  7. The Destruction Agent enters the world and essentially serves as a conduit for all that dark, nasty, negative stuff - just vomits it all up. It's now all out on the table. The process is incredibly painful and, yes, destructive.
  8. The purpose of all this is for consciousness to rise up and counter the Destruction Agent. And the only way to do so is by consciousness being in its highest, most evolved state. No more shortcuts, no more cheating. Consciousness must manifest Agents of Integrity.
  9. So Destruction Agents present us with a choice: Either rise to your Higher Self, or face destruction - along with the Destruction Agent.
  10. Because whether they're successfully countered by consciousness or not, Destruction Agents are always destroyed by the negativity they've unleashed.
  11. I thought to myself, "What a cool concept! So Matrix." Then we all sat around and meditated and visualized the planets and shit like that. Probably ate vegan food or something.
    Because California!