Dr. Doom is the GREATEST VILLAIN OF ALL TIME. Darth Vader is and always will be the Azalea to Doom's Minaj.
  1. Dr. Doom by Wally Wood
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    This is just me being needlessly provocative, like when "Sgt. Pepper" or "Citizen Kane" is ranked #2. But somehow, I doubt this will spark raging debate amongst ListApp users. Jack Kirby created Dr. Doom, so he really should be at #1. But Wood's later take on Doom is full-on "Dr. Evil"-style fun. And it's SO gorgeous to look at. (I've grown to love Jack Kirby's art, but it horrified me as a kid.) My favorite Doom, bar none.
  2. Dr. Doom by Jack Kirby
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    The King. The creator of Dr. Doom, the Hulk, Captain America... Kirby basically created modern entertainment, in a basement 60 years ago. MOCA had a "History of Comics" exhibition about 10 years ago with pages and pages of original Kirby art. The vision of his Dr. Doom splash pages - pure ink-and-paper, unadulterated by color - rocked me with its raw power. You could feel electricity surrounding it.
  3. MF Doom
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    I've always been hot and cold on MF Doom as an MC, but his production skills are unassailable. I've played the hell out of his instrumental "Special Herbs" collections.
  4. Dr. Dooom
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    This was the album Kool Keith released after his Dr. Octagon LP made him popular with white, 90s indie rock losers like me. Keith was so annoyed by his new fanbase that he created a new character - Dr. Dooom - who opens the album by shooting Dr. Octagon in the head. The production is minimal and great, and Keith's rhymes are as entertaining as ever. "Welfare Love" and "Apartment 223" are the best tracks.
  5. Dr. Doom in the notorious, cheesy, never-released Fantastic Four movie from the 90s
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    The movie was basically made by Roger Corman to hold onto the Fantastic Four rights; it was never intended to be released. (None of the actors were informed.) It's terrible, stupid and low-budget, but not as annoying as the Jessica Alba FF. And I kind of liked the "amusement park stage show"-level Dr. Doom costume.
  6. @dailydrdoom on Instagram
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    Some guy on Instagram who puts up pictures of Dr. Doom everyday and writes absolutely hilarious captions for them. Like a nerd's version of writing New Yorker cartoon captions. This shit genuinely makes me laugh out loud, often.
  7. Dr. Doom in the Fantastic Four movie with Jessica Alba in it
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    I couldn't even finish watching this. I tried! I think I remember Mr. Fantastic using his stretchy arm to reach for toilet paper and, "I'm done."
  8. Dr. Doom in cartoons
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    Always terrible when he shows up in a stupid Marvel cartoon. They usually give him a "nyeah-heh-hehhhh" voice, and sometimes the mouth on his mask moves, which is SO stupid. (I REALLY hated that Ultron's mouth moved in the last Avengers movie, too. Why?! So the big robot can chew his food? Get outta here.)
  9. Dr. Doom in the upcoming Fantastic Four "reboot" movie
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    I think he's a young computer hacker or Snowden/ Assange kind of guy now. I'm pretty much done with superhero movies at this point.