Favorite Black & White Movies

By unofficial request of @shanaz. I'm in a hotel room, away from my DVD collection... I know I'm gonna think of more I overlooked and get mad about it later! So fun to put together.
  1. FREAKS (1932)
    Still powerful, scary and surprisingly funny. Watched it a hundred times on VHS as a disaffected outsider teen.
    So weird and funny, and I'm not being a smartass when I say Boris Karloff and Elsa Lanchester are one of the all-time most gorgeous screen couples!
    Biblical stories told through the prism of the era's "race pictures." Was considered a novelty at the time; now incredibly moving.
  4. TO BE OR NOT TO BE (1942)
    My favorite comedy; maybe my favorite movie; and, along with "The Third Man," probably the black and white film I most wish I could make everyone in the United States watch to get some historical perspective on the times we're going through. Mostly though, just think it's absolutely hilarious.
  5. CABIN IN THE SKY (1943)
    A shockingly honest look at addiction and codependency - with young Lena Horne and musical numbers!
  6. STORMY WEATHER (1943)
    Lena again. I'd be hard pressed to come up with a musical I enjoy more than this. And if you've never YouTubed the Nicholas Brothers, stop reading this right now and do it.
  7. DETOUR (1945)
    The ultimate "lonely highway," low-budget film noir fix.
    I watch it every year and love it more every year.
  9. THEY LIVE BY NIGHT (1948)
    The ultimate in romantic film noir. Watch this movie alone at midnight and you'll fall in love.
  10. THE THIRD MAN (1949)
    So exciting, funny, romantic, meaningful... and that ending! Impossible to top that ending. Every time I hope it'll be different, and every time it tears my heart out.
  11. SEVEN SAMURAI (1954)
    Saw it as a kid and have loved it ever since. The definition of a great adventure.
  12. KISS ME DEADLY (1955)
    This is where the "glowing suitcase" from Pulp Fiction comes from! Sleazy, tough noir. (P.S. I love film noir a lot can you tell)
    Another one that jockeys for my all-time greatest slot. A film that tries to get the audience to understand the devastating effect of child abuse by turning them into children - then delivers them an angel in Lillian Gish. It really wrings me out to watch this.
  14. PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE (1959)
    Often described as "the worst movie of all time." I saw it late at night in seventh grade and instantly loved it, especially Vampira.
  15. PSYCHO (1960)
    I can't describe how much I love Anthony Perkins' performance in this movie. And that soundtrack - get out of here! I used to drive around LA listening to the CD.
    Another one I saw as a kid on PBS. Along with Diabolique, really opened me up to the power of European movies.
  17. LOLA (1961)
    A small but moving film by my beloved Jacques Demy.
    Another stupid B-movie I have watched countless times and can escape into like comfort food. The story of a decapitated head kept alive in a pan. Such a weird little pocket universe!
  19. IL SORPASSO (1962)
    Saw this for the first time recently, laughed out loud throughout and couldn't believe I'd never heard of it before. Like an Italian, black and white precursor to Danny McBride.
  20. PORTRAIT OF JASON (1967)
    This has garnered a reputation as being "exploitive," but I think Jason knew exactly what was up when he sat down to be interviewed - and God, is he fantastic.
    I think I know this and Blazing Saddles pretty much by heart.
  22. ERASERHEAD (1977)
    I don't know if I could ever watch this again all the way through as an adult with kids, but it meant a lot to me as a traumatized punk teen.
  23. ED WOOD (1994)
    A movie I return to anytime I want to remember why I ever chose to move to Hollywood. Inspiring, beautiful to look at and another killer soundtrack I still play all the time!