Love this request, @bjnovak - thanks!
  1. The Interrobang
    What garlic is to spices, the Interrobang is to punctuation: you shouldn't overuse it, but it's hard not to because it's SO GOOD. The perfect punctuation for our overheated, emotionally-unregulated era.
  2. ;
    So pensive; so meditative.
  3. .
    Lacks nuance, which keeps it out of the Top Two. But let's be honest - from a utilitarian standpoint, this is literally the "last word" in punctuation. Shaped like a bomb because it IS the bomb. Drop it on your sentence and BOOM, it's over.
  4. ...
    Controversial, I know, but I love its connection to the infinite - our thoughts go on and on...
  5. { }
    Weird, stylish, underrated and underused.
  6. !
    The classic, solitary exclamation point is crucial to social media (as is its mutant cousin, !!!). But my appreciation stems from growing up as a comic book nerd ("Dr. Octopus has attacked the city once again!").
  7. 👍🏽
    The New Kid on the Block. Don't wade into the comments section without it!