I loved @marymurphy's list about her priest's homily (Homilies My Priest Has Actually Given). It reminded me that I've wanted to write this list for a while. My wife and kids and I have attended a super-progressive Unitarian church for five years. These are the services I've enjoyed the most.
  1. Guy who got up and explained that every Saturday night, he goes clubbing in West Hollywood until 4 a.m., drags himself home for three hours of sleep, then forces himself to go to church. Because he was so wiped out from the night before, he decided to spend the service playing all his favorite EDM tracks that were burning up the gay clubs.
    Keep in mind that the average age of a congregation member is about 58. This really was a beautiful, spiritual service - no joke. Everyone was very into it
  2. Pagan lady who led everyone in Pagan rituals, then sang "This Little Light of Mine"
  3. Guy who got up with a gong and a list of names of every animal that has gone extinct due to climate change, etc. As he read off each name, he'd strike the gong, let it finally go silent, then read another name and repeat... FOR ABOUT TWENTY MINUTES. People were freaking out angry, crying, etc. My wife had to get up and leave.
    It was like the most confrontational performance art piece I've ever seen
  4. Kids allowed to run the service, so they spend the whole time talking about Harry Potter.
    Of course